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Download TubeMate APK Best Version 2019 Free

TubeMate APK: It’s always boring when you cannot watch videos on YouTube since there’s no data connection, right? In any case, you can still have your entertainment needs fulfilled by downloading the videos first using TubeMate 3.2.11 (1139) APK 2019 latest version.

With this YouTube Downloader, you can thus download the videos from YouTube to your Android device so you can play it later. In addition to that, you can also encode audio from the videos to create an MP3 using the same app. This is a great app, especially if you wish to have any local copies of the videos without needing to stress over connecting to any data arrange first.

Download TubeMate APK Best Version 2019 Free

Unlike the other similar apps, Tubemate YouTube Downloader genuinely downloads the videos from YouTube on your phone. And with an interface similar to that of the actual YouTube, it is most likely evidence that you’ll find this app easy to use. All things being equal, as you go to watch any video you like, the interface has will give you an option to download it. Easy, simple, and familiar, using this cool YouTube video downloaded will never cause you any fuss!

Once the APK file is downloaded, the installation will take a slightly different strategy which will be explained later.

While it’s valid that the app is genuinely great. It allows you to appreciate unlimited fun while watching your favorite videos from YouTube, in any event, when you are not connected to any internet connection. In any case, there are some drawbacks this video downloaded carries as well.

TubeMate File Information

  • Designer: Devian Studio
  • Version: 3.2.11 (1139)
  • File size: 7.2 MB
  • Uploaded: October 31, 2019 at 12:35PM GMT+07
  • Requirement: Varies with device

TubeMate APK Features


  • This app is the only app for the Android operating system that downloads videos from YouTube on your device.
  • With an interface similar to YouTube, you can also browse the videos easily just like when you do it via the official YouTube application.
  • There are multiple connections available for you to download the videos faster.
  • You have the option to pause and resume your download from anywhere.
  • There are various options for video resolution you can choose from. It supports not only 240p and 360p but also the high-definition 1080p, combined with another app named MP3 Media Converter.
  • Even though it is mostly known for being an app that enables users to download videos from YouTube, you can also download from other sites, such as Dailymotion and Vimeo.
  • There is a separate section where you can keep a record of all the downloaded videos and downloads.


  • All things considered, not all videos can be downloaded, which is such an unfortunate, for sure.
  • As we have hinted above, you can only download the high-definition videos with support since it requires an MP3 media converter too to finish this task.
  • Unfortunately, many users complain about how this app often crashes, meaning that this app is truly unstable.
  • While downloading videos, it’s best for you when you’re on a better system (Wi-Fi is increasingly liked), since it’s difficult for users to download when they’re on 2G organize.

TubeMate APK Screenshots

Download TubeMate APK Best Version 2019 Free

Download TubeMate APK Best Version 2019 Free

Download TubeMate APK 3.2.11

Download Here

The Most Effective Method to Install Tubemate APK for Android

  • Here are the steps required to install Tubemate APK on your Android device.
  • Make sure that APK has already been downloaded.
  • Go to the Settings menu on your device, then open the Security tab. Find the Unknown Sources option.
  • There’s a button right beside the Unknown Sources option; toggle it and it will light up. By toggling the button on, this means you allow any apps that are downloaded from outside Play Store to be installed on your Android device.
  • Go to the location where the APK you’ve downloaded is stored on. Alternatively, simply open it from the Download menu. Tap on the file to run the setup.
  • Agree to the permissions the app asks, and then install the APK file.
  • Wait until the download is finished so you can finally watch movies and TV shows online straight from your Android device!

The Most Effective Method to Use TubeMate APK

There’s a reason why the Tubemate APKhas an interface similar to that of the official YouTube mobile app. It’s because this video downloaded app for Android device accesses YouTube as an overlay. And as you’re selecting a video to download, you’ll be given two options: to watch or download a video. And since you’re using this app here to download, simply click on the green arrow located on the bottom of your screen. Then, you will find a spring up, which offers the two options: Download and Watch.

Even though it enables you to download videos in any quality, it depends on the video source. In addition to that, there are also different streaming options that are similar to what is given to you when you’re downloading any video. All the videos downloaded using this app are saved in MP4 format, which can be found in the default Videos organizer.

You can also download MP3 from the videos using Tubemate APK. Note that the audio quality is most likely different, depending on the original video quality itself. All things being equal, the audio quality downloaded from this app may be lower than anticipated, although it’s still listenable anyway. The MP3 files downloaded using this app are saved in the MP3 organizer on your device.

In general, it’s always easy and simple to save and download the videos from YouTube using this app. The options of video quality are available widely, so you can freely choose which one you’d like to keep on your device, including the high-quality one. And although the audio quality is progressively like the streaming previews, this will suffice if you only want to sample the audio clip.

Frequently Asked Questions About TubeMate APK


Downloading videos is simple like a child game. The most used technique in other apps like VidMate or Videoder is to paste the desired URL. TubeMate APK lets you do this and offers a less complicated solution. Find your desired video from the app and a big red Download button will spring up. This makes the process of video downloading a lot simpler with no duplicate paste actions and switching between apps. Make sure to pursue these steps.

  • Perform a search or browse trending videos. You can open the video by pasting its URL.
  • Find the video of your choice and open it.
  • You can play and watch the video
  • Tap the RED Download button.
  • Choose the download options – audio or video file and quality
  • Tap again on the and you are ready.
  • Look at the downloaded video in

What is the Most Effective Method to PLAY VIDEO WITH TUBEMATE APK?

Play videos inside TubeMate APK

In addition to its center video downloader feature, the application has a built-in player for your media files. Play any audio or video file within the app without the need to open an external player. The options to load any multimedia files from your device is awesome. It has most of the basic controls you would anticipate from any video player. You can change screen orientation, shuffle or repeat playlists and control sound effects. This is a massive improvement compared to other downloaders. It does its activity simply and conveniently. Still, if you need increasingly complex video options, like adding subtitles or other, try external video players like VLC.


The app allows you to broadcast media content to other devices. You can stream everything to your home TV or game console. Following steps with guide you through the process of connecting TubeMate APK to a TV:

  • Go to Settings > Connect to a TV.
  • Search for the YouTube app on your SmartTV, Xbox or PlayStation console.
  • Open Configure device option on the settings page.
  • Enter the name of the TV and synchronization code on the TubeMate APK.
  • Now you can mirror any content you’ve downloaded from YouTube to TV.


The legal status of video downloader apps is an interesting legal issue. Most often the legal status is different depending on your country’s laws. Downloading is legal but whatever you do with it may not be so. Use it for private purposes. Any commercial use is forbidden and you may be subject to prosecution.


TubeMate is not available on Google Play and this raises the question about its safety. The app is not available there because it violates YouTube’s TOS. They prohibit apps that provide downloading of YouTube videos. I can confirm that TubeMate’s APK uploaded on Android Freeware is virus and malware-free. There are no reports of harmful behavior form this app until this moment.


TubeMate has been released as a free app since it v1.0. You can download and use any of its features free of charge. The app makes its revenue from displaying ads, which are in no way offensive. Feel free to download and try it for yourself.

Closing Words About TubeMate APK

If you have any questions about TubeMate APK or having any problem in downloading the APK file, just contact us using the contact page.

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